Smocked Clothing for Holidays and Special Occasions

Celebrate in style with smocked outfits for children.

Smocked Thanksgiving Clothes - Celebrate Thanksgiving with smocked clothing with designs that illustrate Thanksgiving. Children love to wear smocked clothes with a turkey design, a cornucopia, or pilgrims and Indians. Delight your whole family when you dress your children in smocked Thanksgiving clothes.

Christmas Smocked Clothing -more than any other season, Christmas is a holiday or Holy Day that children especially love to celebrate. What better way to wear the Christmas spirit than to wear smocked dresses or other clothing that has a Christmas design smocked across the chest.  Smocked Santas, smocked reindeer, smocked stockings, smocked presents...all celebrate Christmas. I love the smocked nativity dresses and the smocked Christmas trees. There are so many to choose from at Christmas time, but smocked Christmas clothing is available all year round.

Smocked Easter Dresses -After the long cold winter, we love looking at all the pastels and Easter egg colors of the smocked Easter dresses and other smocked children's outfits. Check out the large selection of smocked spring and summer clothing for children including those with special smocked Easter designs.

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