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See what Orient Expressed Clothing is available today on eBay at discount Children's boutiques.

Each year, boutique designers come out with new designs for every season including Christmas. The picture above portrays a smocked children's Christmas set that looks adorable on this group of sisters or cousins.  You'll find a good number of brother-sister smocked outfits are available through the children's boutiques listed here. You have to read the ebay description of a dress or outfit, to see if there are various matching styles for brother-sister choices.

This simple, but gorgeous Christmas design on white is made by Orient Expressed.  You can often find equally lovely dresses through our discount boutiques including:

Closeouts on last years designs often offer great savings through the eBay boutiques. The boutiques are the stores that sell new smocked clothing rather than used. Of course, if you really want to save, look for gently used clothing offered for sale by mothers. You can often find like new smocked clothing for $10 or so.
You can browse by size using the menu in the right sidebar. The size pages have clothing from many of the boutique brands listed above mixed together on a page, organized by size rather than by brand name.

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