What is a Shortall?

Shortalls are one piece outfits for little boys. They are sometimes referred to as Jon Jons. (I have also seen it spelled John Johns) They normally button on at the shoulders and usually are worn over a woven shirt that has a collar.  Shortalls without a shirt worn underneath are often called sunsuits, deriving that name from the summer sun. Shortall for the younger children, babies and toddlers, are fitted with snaps across the crotch to enable easy diapering.

Shortalls and longalls are basically the same except for the length of the pants. The longall is equivalent to long pants and the shortall is like short pants. Both longalls and shortalls are often styled to be clothing for special occasions like Sunday church, birthday parties, holiday events, family gatherings, portraits, weddings.

The designs for little boys often contain smocking or applique. The smocking is usually across the chest and normally is a design that a little boy would like. In the picture at right, the smocked insert displays motor scooters.

The appliqued shortalls are made by sewing pieces of fabric onto the clothing. The pieces of fabric are carefully sewn to make a picture. In the picture below you can see an appliqued crab and an appliqued frog. Bailey Boys is a designer boutique company that makes really cute appliqued shortalls like the ones in the picture below.

Smocked Boy Outfit

The other one piece outfit that is comparable to the shortall is the bubble. While shortalls are normally worn only by boys, bubbles are worn by boys and girls. We examine smocked bubbles on mysmockeddress.com in another post. Both types of clothing can be especially suited for special occasions for toddlers and babies. Both are for warm weather and both are often decorated by smocking or applique.

We delight in presenting these precious smocked shortalls and bubbles for little boys. Check the right sidebar for  your child's size to see what is available at savings today.

The Jon Jon might have been designed by a Mom.

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